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The Best Alternative For Temporary Hair Removal

Most men and women remove unwanted hair from different body parts as per their need. A well groomed man or woman is always appreciated for their looks and appearance. There are many ways and methods available in today’s time for temporary hair removal.

Eyebrow threading is one of the best and effective methods of hair removal. It is also very cheap and inexpensive way among all. Other methods, like waxing, plucking, tweezing etc., are also used for temporary hair removal, but this alternative is extremely popular as it is really effective. It is also an interesting method as it involves just a thread for removal of hair. It definitely needs a skilled or expert person for using the thread for removal of hair. This method is not just used for the eyebrow hair removal, but also for facial hair as it is quite an effective method. It has gained immense popularity over the years though it has been used even in ancient times. Since it is precise in nature and involves very low cost, it is gaining popularity among people. Most beauty parlours and beauticians have been using this method since a long time and till date along with other hair removal methods.

• Origin

This method was used during the ancient times. This method can help remove hair from its follicle and also remove the follicle which is below the skin. In Persia, it is believed to be the beginning of womanhood if one starts eyebrow shaping.

• How to do it?

1. A cotton thread is needed for this method. It should be cut in size and a knot should be made at one end

2. The loop which is created should be of such a size which is comfortable to the threader

3. The fingers of both the hands are then placed inside the loop excluding the index finger

4. The loop is then twisted a few times in a bow tie shape

5. The centre of the twisted part of the thread is then placed over the area which needs hair removal

6. The hair is removed as the twisted thread grips the hairs as and when the fingers open and close

7. The process is continued by placing and pulling in a line which is opposite of hair growth direction till the result is achieved as wanted

8. This method helps remove hair in a line and all together

This method is easy and inexpensive and suits everyone. It removes hair very precisely and gives perfect results. This is an effective method as hair re-growth is fine in quality and less in quantity.