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How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy &amp

One very important tip for make wearers is to take off the make up after its use. Don’t ever go to sleep with makeup. It can have serious side effects on your skin. Also make sure to apply moisturizing creams for your face to retain the natural freshness of your face. Heating your curler with a blow dryer before using it is great tip to curl your lashes. But make sure the curler isn’t too hot. Also if you are intending on having very eye catchy lip colours avoid using loud shadow colours. It won’t blend properly with the entire look. Go subtle with one when you’re going loud with the other.

The eyes are one of the most defining features’ of our face. And it gives us our vision, to see all things. It is therefore very important that we take very good care of them. The eyes easily show signs of stress and make the entire face look dull. Also bad habits can deteriorate the vision. Here are some important tips on how to take good care of your eyes.

Healthy diet

The saying, “You are, what you eat!” can be quoted as the real case scenario. Eating healthy food can actually reflect on the appearance of your eyes and your vision. You need to consume vegetables & fruits rich in Vitamin A which include carrots, peaches, spinach and mangoes. Nuts and seeds like almonds, sunflower seeds and nuts can be a great source of Vitamin E which helps maintain your vision.


Cosmetic products can be a great option to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Other than makeup products there are options like best lash extensions Sydney, creams and coloured lenses that can be used to get a beautiful look. The eye creams are a great option to get rid of bags and dark circles that kill the look of your eyes. You can use cosmetic coloured lenses or medical lenses in various colours. Make sure the colour you choose matches your face. Make sure to try different colours before deciding on the one to buy.

Make up

Using makeup is another way to achieve that perfect look for your eyes. Apply the right primer and base for your lids. Draw the liner as close to natural line as possible. Apply white as a base just before depositing the shadow using a flat brush. The white will give you an intense look. Use the fluffy brush to blend in the shadow. Make sure to invest in good brushes as they can make a huge difference. When applying the mascara make sure apply from the roots to the tip. Consider getting eyelash extensions, as it enhances the entire look of your eyes.


Your health habits and daily routines will affect tremendously on the health and beauty of your eyes. Make sure to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. And also make sure to remove off any make up applied to your face. To avoid bags you can do simple facial exercises as with age bags tend to appear. Drinking lots of water has also proven to be very beneficial to skin. Also to ensure the safety of your vision, avoid reading in dimly lit rooms. Limit the use of electronic devices. Don’t ever use an electronic device too close to the eyes. The radiation emitted thereof can be very harmful. Also keep in mind that staying late into the night while using any kind of electronic device can do serious damage to your eyes.You cannot reverse your deteriorated health. This why it is of utmost importance that you take very good care of it!