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Getting Permanently Rid Of Facial And Body Scars

Having a scar that does not seem to be disappearing or fading away can actually be a bit troubling to our minds. In a world where we are always striving to be absolutely perfect because of social pressure from every side, a scar that is not even noticeable can still be frustrating you. Especially if it is a very noticeable scar, if you are helpless and do not know how to get rid of it it will mentally distress you. However, though getting rid of scars can be done several ways, they have to be done in accepted and safe ways. Most people go ahead and try anything and everything if it says “removes scars” on the label, but this is actually not safe. Look at this list of safe ways on how to get rid of scars permanently.

Seeing your dermatologist

Before whatever step you take to get rid of acne, scars or anything on your face or body, it is necessary that you check with a skin care specialist first. They are the experts of telling you what to do and what is safe. Most of the time, not all treatments would agree with your skin and those treatments might lead to other unnecessary problems later. A good way of getting rid of scars is going through microdermabrasion Perth. This can be recommended by your dermatologist, and it has to done by a very skilled one or even a good salon as well to make sure nothing goes wrong.

A second option you can go ahead with is dermastamp skin needling. It is also a bit similar to the earlier method, and is also guaranteed to remove scars. This method is suitable if your scars are very small. If you have a large scar, this method will allow you to reduce the size instead of getting rid of it altogether if you want. Not just for removal of scars, this could be used for other purposes like collagen therapy, tightening of the skin and even removal of stretch marks.

Lotions and Remedies

You can try homemade remedies for scar removal such as applying clear aloe vera on your scar. Other products like honey, cocoa butter or even onion extracts! These remedies have been in use since a long time ago and are rather effective depending on your scar. You can mix honey with cucumber extract and oats and place on the scar. The key is in being patient and continuing the right treatment for a long time for good results. You can also buy lotions that are designed to remove scars, but make sure your dermatologist recommends it first.